Coaches Corner: Creating Impact and Extending Digital Knowledge

The first elementary Coaches Corner of the new year was hosted at Williamsburg Public School in Whitby on February 1. It was a hum of active learning, discussion, collaboration and problem-solving. Elementary Coaches worked with students, teachers and administrators to continue leveraging digital on a larger scale, with the hope of bringing educational technology to the forefront of curriculum planning and execution.

Acceptable Use vs. Responsible Use: Promoting positive use of technology in and out of the classroom

As the school year begins, teachers will be working to establish and reinforce classroom norms and routines to help students start the year successfully and to help build a respectful and cooperative classroom culture. With increased access to technology across all grades, an ever important aspect of positive culture building is the ongoing discussion, modelling, […]

7 tips for cleaning up your Google Drive & Google Classroom before the end of the year

There’s a lot we do to prepare our classrooms and schools for the end of the school year so that we can start the next one organized and ready for a fresh start. Naturally, there’s some obvious tasks we do to prepare our physical spaces leading into summer. We also offer some organization and clean-up […]