PD that works

What are you looking for from professional development? Most often we hear feedback that professional development needs to be engaging, practical, and actionable. One of the best ways we’ve found to make this happen is by putting classroom teachers in the driver’s’ seat. Who best to share their pedagogical practices with technology than the teachers […]

Let go

What is your position in your classroom? Are you the transmitter of knowledge? Are you a facilitator of learning? Are you a designer of experiences? Chances are that you are more the latters than the former if you’re here and reading this. But how much control do you need to have? How tightly are you […]

Use Forms for digital anecdotal notes and observations

  Teachers know that some of our most effective assessment comes from our anecdotal notes and observations that we make about student learning. The challenge is often to have a system that makes it quick and easy to take these notes and, next, to make that information usable when we need to evaluate student progress. Creating […]