Creating Videos to Deepen Understanding

Katie Costa teaches at Anderson CVI in Whitby. This week she is guest-blogging with us and sharing her experience working with our Educational Technology Team. 

When I heard about WeVideo at a PD, I wanted to try it out. Traditionally, the grade 10 gifted English class would present formal oral presentations as a group to share their research on background topics to support the novel study. I decided that they would make WeVideos in their groups instead in order to pull in more creative forms of communication and application of multimedia. I had our Educational Technology Coach, Andrea Strype, visit my class and teach them how to use the basics of the program. The students were so engaged in the lesson she presented and excited to have the opportunity to try out the software for themselves. I spaced the project out over a couple of weeks, providing a couple of work periods each week while we worked on the novel study. The students had a lot of flexibility in how they could present the required information in the video, so long as their voices were evident throughout.

The students were enthusiastic about creating their unique videos, and the final products demonstrate the wide range of possibilities. Some students did the popular whiteboard marker style video, others filmed themselves role playing with sounds and special effects, others created videos that looked professional using stock images, text and voice-overs. I felt like the students truly became experts in their topics as they did not simply find and repeat information; they had to consider how to represent their content through visual and audio effects and truly understand their audience and purpose in order to do it effectively. In addition, and maybe most importantly, when the videos were shared with the class, they all paid rapt attention. Then they were able to make many connections between the content and the novel, which was the ultimate goal of the task. Now the students have another tool they know how to use for future media and communication opportunities.

Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 10.41.22 AM           Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 10.39.18 AM          Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 10.39.31 AM

Katie Costa

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