Here’s How You Do It

collection of construction safety helmet

Last week I opened an email from a construction technology teacher at Pickering High School. Attached to the email was a video, as well as, a comment that said:

 Just wanted to let you know that I finally got some time to finish up with filming and editing my first WeVideo edit. Take a peek! Glad to see the board supporting awesome, useful software! Thanks for your help along the way.

I opened the video and was blown away by the level of editing and production the teacher had put in to communicating safety expectations to his students. I quickly realized the added responsibility technology teachers have to encourage students to assume their own safety in the construction technology classrooms, as well as, helping students develop the knowledge and skills needed for safe participation. With that in mind, I wanted to investigate how much of the Ontario Technology Education curriculum was based on safety. I opened the curriculum documents for grades 11 and 12 and searched for the word “safety”; the word came up 459 times. Easy to say “safety first”. 

Construction technology teachers like, Greg Saunders, at Pickering High School have a huge responsibility to ensure the safety of  the students in his wood shop class. Greg is a great example of a teacher that successfully models safe practices and communicates them effectively with his students. His newest line of videos called Here’s How You Do It demonstrate safe machine practices and safety expectations to his students.  He uses WeVideo as a way to record and edit his videos. In his videos he brings life to the machines, through his sense of humor and relevant content.  His students feel an instant connection to the content because it was tailor-made for them. The videos are posted to YouTube and students can refer to the videos when they need a refresher or when studying for safety quizzes.

It may seem like a large time investment to create videos for each machine in a wood shop, however, construction technology teachers have the added responsibility to ensure students acquire the skills and knowledge for safe participation.  Taking an innovative approach to teach the required and crucial safety unit is a fantastic way to engage and educate students, while building their confidence to successfully navigate the wood shop. Greg’s video series Here’s How You do It is a great example of how leveraging digital in a construction technology class can create a safe, efficient, and engaged learning environment. 

If you would like to try WeVideo in and/or with your class, visit and sign in with your DDSB Google account or reach out to the Innovative Technology Coach at your school to help you get started. Happy editing!


  1. Hi John
    Greg is doing a fantastic job using WeVideo! I will reach out to him to tell him to connect to your team. Thanks for the feedback. I’m loving WeVideo and have so many success stories. I’m a secondary technology coach & have been using the program daily.


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