Reflections from a Teacher

I started using the Chromebooks in my ENG 2D1 class February 2018. With the help of Chris Vezeau and Adam Grenon at lunch, and the one-to-one sessions with the Technology Coach Andrea Strype, I have enjoyed and made use of the Chromebooks as a teaching tool. Andrea Strype even came to my class and gave a lesson that improved the quality of the ISU Websites.


The Chromebooks do not take the place of good teaching or good programming, but they provide new advantages. I don’t have to book computer labs, use carts that are not charged, use laptops that don’t load or fill students’ binders with endless paper. The students are ready to start individual and group work, or research in a timely fashion. Part of being ready for class is the expectation that the Chromebooks are charged and ready. Each student has a laptop which means equal access and opportunity. And the version history makes students accountable for their own work.


It was great to see Shakespeare and 21st technology meet! Questions, charts and Google slides for symbols, plus essay planners, process work and peer-editing on screen were all part of the study of Tragic Heroes. During mythology, they used their laptops to record teaching points, and used multiple sound effects to enhance their storytelling! There is more to learn, but there are also more possibilities.




Clare Young

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