No more marking and no more paper!

Recently I had a construction technology teacher ask me if I could help him simplify the hectic beginning to every semester.  He explained how at the start of each new school year he needs to go through a ton of safety lessons and then quiz students on the tools and safety procedures.  He would hand out a quiz to the class each day then he’d need to mark it that night to see which students got perfect. For the ones that didn’t, he would hand out the same quiz again to them.  Students needed to get perfect on quiz #1 before they could take quiz #2. Each night he would have piles of different quizzes; trying to remember who had completed which quiz and who needed to retake quizzes was a challenge. The teacher explained there were approximately 15 safety quizzes for each student to master throughout the course.

With a smile, I told him that he had come to the right place: I had the perfect tool for him – Google Forms.

We proceeded to :

  • create a form for each quiz (diagrams included),
  • randomize the questions to prevent cheating,
  • provide students with immediate feedback upon submission of the form,  
  • allow students to retake the quiz as many times as needed, and
  • have all the grades and quizzes compiled into one spreadsheet.


With Google sheets the teacher was easily able to see which students had not yet received perfect on the quizzes. And the teacher was also able to post new quizzes into his Google classroom as the class was ready for new content.

Our meeting was so positive I am not sure if the tear in his eye was from this new outcome or the sawdust in the air.  The teacher came away with his first safety quiz, now reborn from a Microsoft Word file into a Google Form. He decided to make the fill-in-the-blank question multiple choice or matching using the multiple choice grid question type.  The teacher learned how to adjust the settings so that students could immediately see their grade and could submit more than once if they were not successful. He learned how to use the comment after submission to instruct students how to refresh the quiz in order to take the quiz again. And, a single Google Sheet was set up linking all the quizzes together.

No more marking quizzes and no more paper! Students get immediate results and can retake the quiz immediately without waiting until the next day. Win-win for teachers and students – all through leveraging digital!

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