The Spreadsheet can save your life…

The title may be a little misleading because I haven’t actually seen a spreadsheet save a life, but I have seen them save you time and as a teacher that’s like getting a new life. Spreadsheets can be pretty scary when you think about all that they are capable of doing, but it’s because of this almost endless diversity that makes them so powerful.

Working with the coaching team we have developed some (not to toot our own horn) pretty impressive spreadsheets that save time and help with workflow. Here are some examples of what we have created:

  • A learning skills Google Form + Spreadsheet.
    • Elementary Version – The teacher at the start of the year will copy their class list from PowerTeacher and paste it into the Spreadsheet. Then they will copy and paste the class list from the spreadsheet to the Google Form. After those two steps, the teacher is then able to use any device (Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop) to record learning skills and anecdotal comments for their students all year long.

      The spreadsheet will average out all of the learning skill entries and provide the letter (N, S, G, E) based on all the data for each student. 
    • Secondary Version – Is exactly the same as the Elementary version. 
  • An award tracking spreadsheet for Grade 8’s
    • The spreadsheet is shared with all the Grade 8 teachers at the school. The Grade 8 teachers just have to copy and paste their class list into their own tab of the spreadsheet each year.

      The spreadsheet allows teachers to give points to Grade 8 students for all the tasks, sports, academics and other events that they complete throughout the school year. The spreadsheet totals each student point value so that the school can provide the student with an award based on their point value at the end of the year.
  • A device sign out/in Google Form + Spreadsheet
    • The teacher responsible for the devices just has to type in the devices into the spreadsheet and Google Form.
      The teacher responsible provides a device for the students to access (like a laptop or desktop) in order to sign out/in a device. The student will provide their student number, name and the device they are signing in/out. The spreadsheet will show everyone that has signed out/in a device and also show the last person to sign out a device so it can easily be located.
  • A spreadsheet for field trips
    • The teachers involved in the field trip each have their own spreadsheet tab, they will paste their class list into the spreadsheet and mark who is going, who has paid, etc) The field trip leader will enter where the trip is, the cost for the location, the cost for a supply per day and the cost for a bus.

      The spreadsheet will then track all the students going and not going, it will display a cost per student based on the total cost and all the students going (just in case pay adjustments can be made). It will also take the students who are going and assign them to a bus based on their class and teacher. It is a great way to know if there is still room on the bus for more students to attend the field trip.
  • An AR exam help sign up Google Form + Spreadsheet
    • The AR team can put in all the courses exams that are available for AR support. The students will use the Google Form to select what courses they wish to have AR support. The spreadsheet stores all the data and is sorted by course code. It shows every student who requires AR support for that exam.

We are figuring out new uses for spreadsheets and Google Forms every day. If any of the above spreadsheets interest you then reach out to one of the Educational Technology Coaches. I have provided a link to the Coaches page of my website here (Coaches Page). We will gladly make a copy and can even customize it a little to fit specific demands. I myself will be offering PD next year on some of the spreadsheet usage and how to make your own, so look out for those opportunities.

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