Getting Ready for Exams

Exam time can be stressful, but sometimes a little perspective goes a long way. Sharing a nugget of wisdom can often be a big help, as can spreading positivity.

The power of positive self-talk is largely underestimated as we demand so much of ourselves.  If a friend were struggling we would surely reach out and say something kind or offer to help, yet our first instinct is not to do that for ourselves.   When you hear a student say something like: “I think I’m gonna fail” or “this is going to be hard” ask them to say something positive out loud like “I’ve got this” or “I’m really good at multiple choice”.

Wait I thought this was a blog about “Innovative Technology”?  

Well, let’s see what technology can do to help students to reduce anxiety and do their best!


Find a calming video and play it for 30s: students can close their eyes or watch the scenery like:


Past the URL into this to eliminate adds.


Perhaps a student would benefit from having this play on low in the background while they study?


How about a motivational meme?  Search for a meme generator and have fun!

got this    rough day meme

Play a study tips slide deck! Like this:

slide   study slide 2

Get the whole slideshow here: Study and Exam tips

Feel free to use/edit as you see fit!


Take a creative break for yourself. It will reduce your stress and you might just have some fun too!

exam ticket

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