Transforming Learning by Leveraging Digital @ DASS

Over the past year, a team of teachers from Durham Alternative Secondary School (DASS) have been focusing on ways they can leverage digital to improve student achievement, student engagement and 21st century skills.  Through the Building Collaborative Inquiry (BCI) sessions, teachers have focused on ways they can streamline processes and engage students in tasks that are more meaningful to them.

Working with this staff has been truly inspiring as teachers are reflecting on their practice and are constantly modifying what they’re doing with their students to make learning more meaningful to them.  Much of this change is being driven through solid pedagogical practices, flexible seating and leveraging digital.

All participants in the BCIs have been integrating a variety of cloud based tools and LMS systems into their practice in order to facilitate this change.  Using an LMS such as D2L and Google Classroom has allowed them to provide students with the flexibility to monitor their own learning and learn at their own pace.  Students that can’t be present in class are now independently checking their LMS to see what was missed. OneNote Class Notebook, YouTube and video conferencing are also being used as a way to help facilitate instruction and discovery.  

Due to the increased use of digital and a change in pedagogical practices, a greater focus has been placed on the large concepts in class, sparking deep and rich learning opportunities.  The focus on leveraging digital, integrating more flexible seating and shifting pedagogical practices has been valuable to all staff and students at DASS. It will be exciting to see what changes and innovations the staff implement to further benefit student success.

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