Moodle: Our Other LMS


With all the excitement about Google Classroom and D2L’s new Daylight experience, some users have forgotten about Moodle, our other Learning Management System (LMS). We are pleased to announce that Moodle has not gone anywhere; in fact, the platform has recently been updated to the latest version on a rebuilt server. These changes make Moodle more secure, reliable, and flexible than ever before.


Like Google Classroom, Moodle allows for the distribution of course material and the collection and assessment of student work. But Moodle goes beyond what Google Classroom can do in that it is a full-featured LMS. Moodle has many activities such as discussion forums, quizzes, and HP5 Interactive Content. It has G Suite, Microsoft OneDrive, and OneNote integrations, as well as (for secondary school classes).

moodle activities

Moodle has some unique features that aren’t found on other LMSs, including building collaborative course wikis, embedding GeoGebra activities, or allowing students to test their computer programming assignments through the Virtual Programming Lab. Moodle also has many themes, course formats, and student grouping features to help teachers customize how students interact with course content.   

Moodle is used by thousands of DDSB staff and students, and it is supported by the Innovative Education facilitators and an active community of users and developers around the world. For teachers who are looking for something that does a little more than Google Classroom, Moodle is a great LMS option. Speak to your Innovative Education facilitator or coach for more information, begin your self-paced Moodle ILP course, or visit to start your Moodle experience today!    


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