TELT Experiences – Sharing Ideas from the Field!

We have more devices, more resources and more access to digital tools than ever before. While this is exciting, it can be overwhelming and challenging to choose the best opportunities for incorporating technology in our teaching. This consideration of the most effective uses and timing is necessary to ensure effective and accountable programming while leveraging digital.

Many people are aware of technology integration frameworks such as SAMR, TIM or TPACK (if you aren’t familiar with them, check them out!). These frameworks can provide an opportunity to reflect on what we are currently doing in our classroom and assist us to set a direction for pushing ourselves to develop lessons that increase the effectiveness of technology for teaching and learning.

You might be beginning down your journey of incorporating technology into your teaching or maybe you’ve been at it for years and have reached a plateau. Maybe you’re a tech expert and you’re looking to challenge yourself and your students. If you’re looking for ideas, check out the Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching (TELT) Experiences resource. This is an Ontario resource created by TELO (Technology Enabled Learning Ontario) that spotlights student and educators from around Ontario and a range of innovative uses of technology in learning environments. This is a great place to poke around and spark a new idea for your classroom.

TELT experiences.jpg

In DDSB, we have amazing ideas happening in our schools. Have an idea to share or a lesson to celebrate? Don’t forget to celebrate your successes, innovations and Technology-Enabled Learning and Teaching ideas with others on Twitter using the #DDSBshift hashtag and through our Google Plus communities. Your ideas are worth sharing and might just spark motivation or ideas someone else has been needing!

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