Help me, I’m swamped!!

As teachers, we are all busy! We need to reduce time spent on administrative classroom tasks, we need to save time planning, and we certainly all need to speed up the marking process! In fact, even a few minutes freed up during the day can help.  If you want to start saving some time, using Add Ons in Google Suite can certainly help with that! This month I am going to highlight a couple of them. I hope that they will help streamline your day!

Choice Eliminator 2 

Have you ever wanted students to pick a topic from a preset list?  You create a sign-up sheet and have to double check that there are no more than two or three students for each topic. Uh oh,  too many picked one topic! Now you need to get them to choose again which is a pain and takes more time. Argh!

Well, the Google Forms Add-On called Choice Eliminator 2 will make this process so easy!

  1. Create a form as you normally would
  2. Add a short answer question for the student’s name
  3. Add a drop-down question for all the topics
  4. If you haven’t already done so install the add-on [1]
  5. Click on the puzzle piece icon [2] to open and configure Choice Eliminator 2 
  6. A window will appear on the right side of the screen [3]
  7. Click on the question to configure and set your limits [4] 

That’s it!  

Share the link with your class through your LMS (Google Classroom etc.) and have them sign up; Google Forms will create a spreadsheet with the student names and their chosen topic.  You can even have them pick a presentation date at the same time!

form final


Save To Keep 

Do you have an awesome website for students to investigate?  Need to create a scavenger hunt, handout, or assignment based on that website?  

A quick way to do this is to use the Save To Keep Chrome extension.  

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store, search for Keep, and install it
  2. Now you can highlight relevant information on the website, right click, and choose “Save Selection” to Keep
  3. Each selection added from the same website will be saved to one Keep note 
  4. Now, go to Google Docs
  5. Click Tools in the menu
  6. Choose Keep notepad.  This will open a window to the right of your document showing all your Keep notes, organized by website
  7. You can highlight and copy the notes you want or click on the three dots and choose “Add to Document”

Another awesome feature is that the next time you go to back to the website, if you open Keep, your notes will still be there to edit or review! This saves time by eliminating redundancy.

While there are many really useful Add-Ons, always remember that they are usually written by third parties, which means you need to review the privacy settings and be mindful of what they are accessing and what data they are recording. Remember to check out the Approved Software on the Tech Help Portal. If you really like an Add-On and it isn’t currently approved, you can submit it to start the process. Your friendly Ed Tech Coach can show you how to do this!

Please comment below if you would like me to write another blog highlighting more time-saving Add-Ons or Extensions. Remember that using technology should make things better for you and your students!

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  1. Love these — thank you! Especially want to try out Keep – I hear it’s a game changer.
    Seriously, just doing things on, for example, one shared google slide, save time. No opening 23+ slides. Have any Google Forms go directly to a spreadsheet. Pre-format to word-wrap; then you can job up and down the columns. Not earth shattering, but have been time savers for me.

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