Balancing Act: The eBook & Print Conversation

DDSB Innovative Education has been shifting culture, practice and thinking in our schools.  As we leverage digital we are creating a paradigm shift. We believe this shift is positive and we recognize that this shift can’t occur without debate, conversation and some uncomfortable moments.

Our Library Learning Commons are acting as a catalyst for positive change in many of our schools. Our libraries have changed their learning environments, they infuse technology into the inquiry process and still provide students with quality reading materials.


This spring we will continue to ignite learning in our libraries with the addition of e-publications into our collections.  Our new e-book collection will provide K to 12 students with a diverse collection of ebooks. The collection will have materials for curricula, inquiry, general interest, professional reading and more.  This collection will reflect the diversity of the DDSB.

Any time we have change, questions emerge. As many librarians believe, the emotional connections made by our students with a print text can be awe inspiring.  This is true. Any teacher librarian across the DDSB can easily tell heartfelt stories of a reluctant readers choosing their first text independently. With the introduction of our new ebook collection, some might wonder what will happen with print.  Simply stated: nothing. Print will always be important. We still need print and will continue to offer print books in our school libraries. We must have a balance and electronic publications are not simply a replacement to our already amazing traditional library collections.

There is no one size all fits model for students’ reading pleasure.  E-publications are one piece to this complex puzzle.

With this statement, we can’t deny that e-publications aren’t important, nor required in a modern library.  We have seen the positive changes that have occurred with the addition of digital information tools as we leverage digital. We also know that ebooks allow for equitable access to literature and information. There is no one size fits all model for students’ reading pleasure.  E-publications are one piece to this complex puzzle.

As we launch our ebook collection over the next few months we hope that our Teacher Librarians will continue to inspire students to grab new books, but at times with their own device, anywhere they have access to the internet.

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