Google or Microsoft? Do you have to choose?

We gave teachers great conundrum in our Board when we made G-Suite available to our teachers. Now that we have different platforms which should we be using? Teachers have been asking us this question all school year! The answer is – BOTH!  Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages when looking for tools to use with our students and for us as educators professionally.

From my experience, learning different products can only help our students when the get out into the “real world”. We can not predict what technology products they will be required to use in their work world. By teaching and allowing our students to use a variety of technology tools we can better prepare them for their future careers.

Unfortunately, this post comes without an answer.

For us professionally, you may be making the choice to use Microsoft because it’s what you know and are familiar with. That’s a perfectly good reason for you to stick with those products. Maybe you dipped your toe into the waters of Google and G-Suite this Fall, fell in love with their products, and have made the switch fully to Google.  Maybe as a grade 7 or 10 teacher you decided to explore and use Google’s software because you wanted to familiarize yourself with what your students are using. Perhaps, you are like me, and you are living in both worlds and using what works best for the job.

Unfortunately, this post comes without an answer. We won’t be leading you in one direction or the other. The best news is Microsoft is NOT being replaced by G-Suite. We as a Board are not taking anything away, we are just giving you an opportunity for choice. My only piece of advice for you is to EXPLORE. If you need to make a presentation, spend a bit of time exploring both PowerPoint and Google Slides to see which best fits what you are looking to do.

Not feeling comfortable with Microsoft, Google, or both? Just ask for help! We are fortunate to have Innovative Education Facilitators and Educational Technology Coaches in the system to support you in learning the tools we have available to us. Also, don’t discount the expertise of your students. They know so much and would love to share their knowledge with you. All you need to do is ask! If you need more support please reach out to the Innovative Education Department and we will help steer you in the right direction. You can email us at:

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