Don’t delay: book a technology coach today!

Learning to use technology, for some, is like eating your least favourite vegetable: it’s hard to swallow and left until the very end of the meal. Often it may not even get eaten – even though it will benefit you. For others, learning to use technology is like eating their favorite dessert: you just can’t get enough! You may even overeat!  Why is this easy for some people and hard for others? That’s a good question – it is safe to say however, that everyone comes into the digital landscape at different entry points.

Another question which faces us all is about how we like to learn; are you a Youtube watcher? or, do you sign up for face to face PD?  Do you prefer to read manuals and follow step by step instructions or do you prefer to have someone walk you through the steps? What works for one learner does not necessarily work for another.

where do we find the time to learn new technologies and when do we implement them?

Fundamentally, we are not really different than our students when it comes to how we like to learn.  Some like to figure it out for themselves through inquiry, some like to watch and listen, still others like to have someone to share ideas with along the way.  But, one challenge presents itself to everyone equally: where do we find the time to learn new technologies and when do we implement them?

With the recent infusion of Chromebooks in DDSB schools, teachers are being asked to shift their learning to another gear.  If time, and comfortability are challenges for you, know that you are not alone in this journey. Help is close by in the form of a technology coach.  See us as your “technology buddy”: someone with experience, who will help you at your pace and will guide you in meeting your digital goals. Coaches are in your school and accessible to meet at your convenience. We are happy to coach one on one or to co-teach with you in your classroom. The critical piece is that you need to take that all-important first step!  Don’t delay: book a technology coach today!

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