Parents Experiencing AT Tools

“It has been amazing to see his confidence and academics soar!”

Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, Parent Assistive Technology evening sessions have been held in various geographical areas of the Durham District School Board.

On March 22, 2018 the DDSB held their 3rd successful Parent AT Night in a Pickering school.  A group of 20 parents and a few students attended the Parent AT night to learn about the latest AT Tools available to their child to support them with their learning.

unnamedThe evening began with the parents using a Chromebook and accessing  a generic Google Drive and Google Suite.  A demonstration of the Read & Write tools like word predictor, talk & type, text to speech, picture dictionary, collect highlights and vocabulary builder was done for the parents.  The parents had the opportunity to use and experience each of the tools.

One Note ImageParents had the opportunity to see the capabilities of Microsoft OneNote and how this digital binder can support their child with organization.  Parents were impressed with the drawings tools and how it can be used to demonstrate their learning in math.

The parents were extremely appreciative of the information and knowledge shared as it empowers them with supporting their child in their education.

A testimonial from a parent of a student in the DDSB:

“My son has an LD and getting ideas down on paper is very difficult for him.  Spelling is also extremely hard.  This year, his school and teacher have embraced Google Classroom.  It has been amazing to see his confidence and academics soar!  He quickly became proficient at using Google Read and Write.  Last year, it would have taken hours and tears to answer 7 comprehension questions.  This past February, he did 3 on his own in class and we completed 4 at home in under 10 minutes.  Each answer had 3 or 4 sentences – and he was happy to do it.

Google Classroom has allowed him to show his peers what great ideas he has, not be afraid to submit work, and now he’s just as capable as all of his peers.  He’s not afraid of writing anymore and doesn’t procrastinate.  As a parent, Google Classroom, and all its components have made homework and organization far easier for our family.”

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