The Value of School Libraries

School Library Learning Commons play an important role in our school communities.  In the DDSB we are very fortunate to have school libraries in each and every school location.  If you haven’t used your school library recently you might be asking, why are libraries so important?  How have they changed? Are these places still relevant?

The Innovative Education team believes in libraries.  School libraries across our district are vibrant places that promote equity and democracy.  

Our libraries and Teacher Librarians promote reading, inquiry, questioning and literacy.  We also create environments where children are encouraged to wonder, to create and to connect,  to innovate and involve as global citizens,  and we guide access to quality information, especially in times when facts begin to devolve into truth decay.

our libraries and Teacher Librarians are an essential part of a 21st century school system

Our district funds library staff and believes that our libraries and Teacher Librarians are an essential part of a 21st century school system where our students are encouraged to think and question and to ignite curiosity.  

The DDSB Innovative Education team is part of an evolution that includes Libraries where our practice focuses on deep learning, inquiry, technology, learning spaces and literacy.  We believe that this shift in practice will lead each and every student to greater success.     


Students across the province deserve to have qualified Teacher Librarians in each of their schools and equitable access to collections, resources and library programming. In Durham, our Library Learning Commons are gems!

Our team encourages our readers to visit their School Library Learning Commons and partner with your TL.

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