Digital Breakouts in Culinary Arts

Engaging students can be a challenge, and helping them retain important points can be difficult. In an effort to have students actively and purposefully work through key components of Culinary Arts, Ms. Tyrell has created a “Breakout”!

A breakout is a digital task where students must enter the correct answer to progress to the next challenge.  Students work through questions such as “How many grams are in a kilogram?” or “How many cups is equivalent to a stick of butter?”


If incorrect, students receive a tip, and are directed to try again. Correct responses receive praise and the key to the next question.

The purpose was to have students work individually with their phone or laptop to successfully navigate important questions like, “How important is a hair net?” ( absolutely necessary!!!), or “If you don’t have buttermilk for a recipe what is the most popular ingredient you could add to milk to make it?” (I think it is vinegar).

Feedback from Teacher and Students classify this Breakout as a success!

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