How can I lead my school in Leveraging Digital?

Many school leaders are looking for the ways they can support Leveraging Digital in their schools. As the school leader, you do not need to be the expert on all things digital, but you do need to continually learn and model an interest in how learning environments, digital tools and resources, and modern pedagogy can deepen student learning.

  1. Get on Twitter
    I cannot think of one leadership move I have made that has transformed my thinking more than joining Twitter. I have been using this incredible tool for 7+ years. Many of you use Twitter through a school account to engage the community, but do you have a professional Twitter account where you can follow educational leaders from around the world? Don’t sit back and wait for PD to come to you – start seeking it out!
  2. Observe
    Take a really close look at the work on students’ desks. How authentic is it? Whether students are using digital tools and resources or paper and pencil tasks we need to be questioning the relevancy of what they are working on – because they sure are!  One of the best challenges ever issued to me by a Superintendent was to sit in as a student for an entire small-group, guided lesson.  From the viewpoint of the student, I saw things so much differently than I would through any classroom walk-through.  So if you are trying to understand how classes are leveraging digital, try to make the time, join in classes as a student – you may pick up a few new things from the other students around you!

    As the school leader, you do not need to be the expert on all things digital

  3.  Ask questions
    Ask them to your staff, to your students, to your colleagues, to Google, to journal databases.  We want to ignite curiosity with our students and we need to model that as educators.  Many of us pushing the movement to leverage digital have not had formal training in using computers – we are just curious and we seek out answers to our questions.  As soon as we began to use G-Suite in our schools, many of us went on-line and completed our Google Educator certifications, others sought out Ed Camps or conferences in which we could learn more.  So get out there and figure it out – whatever your “it” may be!




  1. Thank you for this Amanda. This is an area of growth for me and I like the idea of spending time in the stident’s seat.
    Great blog


    1. Thanks Alyson. We are very open to suggestions, so let us know if there is anything specific you would like us to write about.


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