Waiting for Professional Development…

Why? There has never been a time when PD opportunities are more readily available – so just reach out and grab them! We recently had Alice Keeler as a keynote speaker at our #Connect 2018 conference, and she asked the audience to imagine a job interview in which you comment, “I can’t stand to learn new things.” To take that even further can you imagine an interview in which you say, “I like to sit back and wait for someone to tell me what I need to learn and how to do it.”?

There are so many ways to plan your own path for Professional Development – begin reading educational books and blogs, follow thought leaders on Twitter or YouTube or reach out to the teacher down the hall or around the block that you have heard is doing amazing things.  If you are in the DDSB, give our On Demand learning options a try.  Anything you can imagine wanting to learn is out there for your taking.

Are you sharing your greatest hits?

All of these opportunities also mean there are times when you can be the PD leader.  Are you sharing your greatest hits?  Do you invite others into your school or classroom to observe and provide feedback?  Be proud of what you are doing!  We are in the middle of a tremendous shift in teaching and learning and we need to relish the opportunity to share and learn from each other.



  1. Connect 2018 was such a powerful day! At the end of the day I was exhausted and excited at the same time! I have already used what I have learned and look forward to using Dot and Dash in June for a mathematics lesson. I feel supported when I venture into the digital world with online and tech support. With this support I am confident our school board will flourish with the technology. Thank you!


    1. Thanks Cheryl. We loved Connect 2018 and the fact that we had more than 70 DDSB presenters is strong evidence that we have capacity throughout the board to support our schools in leveraging digital.

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