YouTube Live is now available

YouTube Live LogoYouTube Live is now available in the DDSB. Teachers can create a live stream and invite users to view the stream through a link. Viewers are able to participate in a live stream through an optional chat feature.


Don’t want to broadcast live? Not a problem. YouTube Live automatically records your sessions so teachers can instead make their content available for students to view at a later time—and the streams can be viewed on any device that has a browser and Internet access. Controlling who has access to your video content is also easy through YouTube’s intuitive sharing features.  

YouTube Live is the perfect tool for “flipping your classroom.” Imagine recording your content-heavy lessons and posting them on your YouTube channel for students to view on demand as many times as required. Not only does this framework encourage mastery learning for students, but it also helps shift classroom teaching into facilitation. Using YouTube Live for some forms of content delivery frees up classroom time to work with students on their individual learning needs.

Want to supplement your YouTube Live content? Just add videos created by other YouTube users to your channel and organize this content in playlists. Then view the detailed analytics to track how many users are viewing your content and how they are interacting with it. A detailed guide that walks the user through the entire YouTube Live experience is located here. And if you are not sure if YouTube Live is the right tool for your broadcasting needs, check out this chart, which explains the video conferencing and broadcast tools available in the DDSB.

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