Lighting a new flame for one teacher about to retire.  

A teacher emailed me and asked if I could show him around Google Classroom.   He said he wanted to know what all the hype was about and asked me to give him a tour.  He made sure to tell me that he is about to retire and he has never been very strong with technology.  And furthermore, he said he had little use for technology in his subject area. Curiosity is powerful!

We should never stop learning and we must be open to opportunities that fuel curiosity.

He asked that I come directly to his class where I would demo Google Classroom right there with his students looking on.  Together we created a class, and had his students join in as we demonstrated the announcements, question, and assignment features.  The teacher was extremely impressed that he could ask the class a question, have them all reply privately, and he could respond individually to his students. He saw the potential – and one week later when I  returned to his school, he was full of questions about best practices with Google Classroom.  

I was able to show him how to link his extensive collection of videos into his new classroom.  “Do you mean, my students can watch my videos, individually? At their home? Over and over again?”  His next step revealed his willingness to make significant strides as he realized he could adopt a Flipped Classroom structure simply and effectively.  “So Google Classroom means they can watch my video the night before and we can discuss them during class time?”  Happily,  I said yes.  He grabbed my hand, shook it vigorously and said: “I’ve been waiting my whole career for this dream to come true, I don’t believe it.”  We agreed to meet again in another week. From this experience I have reflected that no matter how old you are, no matter how much technology experience you have, and most importantly – no matter where you are in your teaching career,  we can learn new things. We should never stop learning and we must be open to opportunities that fuel curiosity.                        

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