Change doesn’t have to be scary!

We stand on the precipice of change and are often asked to make the leap without the slightest reassurance that everything will be okay. The world changes in the blink of an eye and as educators, we are striving to keep pace with the current trends and technologies. The question always becomes: “Is change better?”. The answer is not always a resounding yes.

It is never “change” that results in the catastrophic failure of an idea; it is the fear to make the leap to attempt change that destroys progress. The fear of failure is the fiercest enemy of education and not just for students, but for teachers and board staff as well.  This year we have been given the opportunity to face that fear and to “innovate” the old ways of education and “evolve” into a new era of dissemination of knowledge. Our students have received their Chromebooks, their gateway into the World Wide Web and we, their teachers, remain the steadfast guides that will help them to navigate this daunting yet exciting path.

As the cliche goes, every journey begins with a single step and that’s where we need to start our foray into the world of education with Chromebooks. That is what our incredible staff of teachers has done!

There are many amazing staff doing great things with the Chromebooks:

  • The use of Google Classroom, D2L, and Moodle as learning environments have given the students access to learning materials 24/7. These allow students to learn in class and to go back to the material if needed to cement their learning.
  • Using internet-based calendars have helped those students who struggle with organization to keep track of due dates. It has also provided a medium for parents to see what is going on in the academic lives of their children.
  • Google/Microsoft Forms have been used to generate surveys, questionnaires, and quizzes that have provided instant data/feedback to students.
  • Using Read and Write for Google allows the students to have websites read aloud, translated, highlighted, and saved for later use. Students can even dictate their thoughts to the Chromebook allowing them to put their ideas to “paper” quickly.
  • The online environment allows for instant collaboration allowing students to connect across borders and even oceans! With a few simple clicks, a virtual field trip through Skype can bring the Louvre in Paris right into the classroom.

No matter how big or small the integration of the Chromebooks may be, it is the idea of always reaching for greatness that we as teachers pass on to our students. The ability to adapt, change and to not fear failure are the skills we need to model.

So take the leap into 21st-century learning and become the pillar that your students will stand on to reach success!



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  1. My thoughts exactly Bejay. Well expressed. We have made a quantum leap in how we teach and in so doing have increased productivity of students and teacher alike. We are teaching in very exciting times.


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