Use Forms for digital anecdotal notes and observations


Teachers know that some of our most effective assessment comes from our anecdotal notes and observations that we make about student learning. The challenge is often to have a system that makes it quick and easy to take these notes and, next, to make that information usable when we need to evaluate student progress. Creating a form for yourself to enter the data has several advantages. Having the form bookmarked on your phone or tablet means you are one tap away from recording observations about a student’s progress. Additionally, you are able to leverage the built in dictation or speech-to-text feature of your phone or tablet. Finally, the data is consolidated into a spreadsheet that can be sorted and filtered in any combination to fit your needs for evaluation, reporting or conferencing. So start using forms to record your anecdotal notes and observations. Make one for each subject, class or group you teach and your future self will thank you when report card writing rolls around next.

You can find a tutorial on how to create your own using O365 forms here…

…and for Google Forms here.

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