Plickers: Quick assessment with limited tech

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With options like Socrative, Kahoot, Nearpod, and Formative, choices for assessment using ed tech are exploding. the downfall in many of our classrooms, however, is that these require access to devices for your students. Plickers is a great tool for gathering quick assessment data from students and requires only two devices: a smartphone or tablet and a computer.

Plickers is a play on the old expensive clicker systems, using paper cards with visual codes for students to respond with. After adding your class to the website (using first names only or a last initial), you build your questions online with multiple choice or true and false answer choices. When ready to gather responses, the question queue you creaed will display on the projector screen. Students choose their answers and turn their cards, putting their choice towards the top. Teachers scan the room using the free Plickers app and the camera on a smartphone or tablet, collecting the answers and getting real-time feedback with augmented reality.

After class, teachers are able to view a scoresheet and sort the data in a number of ways, offering valuable feedback from the day or over the course of up to a month. Using this data is a fantastic and quick way to collect entry or exit ticket data to use to make groupings for guided instruction or to see growth over time.
Plickers Scoresheet.jpg
Plickers is available for iOS and Android devices. You can check out Plickers and add it to your toolbox here:
Plickers Logo - Large (Small) (Custom) (Custom).png

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